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- Exam Room 1 -

This room is referred to as the cat room. We want to keep your feline companion as calm and comfortable as possible during their visit to the Vet. Cats have a very keen since of smell, so keeping this in mind, we try to make sure the scents of other animals are covered up to the best our ability.

- Exam Room 2 -

This room is for puppies and kittens! This room is used until they have been fully vaccinated. We want to help ensure they get the utmost care to ensure they grow up to be strong healthy adults. Once our puppies and kittens have had all of their core vaccines, then they will graduate to the adult exam room.

- Exam Room 3 -

This room is for all adult canines. We have a hydraulic exam table with a built in scale. This allows us to lift any size dog to give them a thorough exam. While keeping the animal as clam and comfortable as possible.

- Pharmacy and Lab -

Our pharmacy is stocked with all a wide range of medications your pet may need. We will keep whatever medication your companion is on in stock. We also have state of the art blood work machines. That way when your pet is ill and needs a blood profile ran quickly to help with the diagnoses, we can run it in house to get faster results. We like being able to offer convince of getting everything you need in one stop that will take care of your fur baby.

- Isolation -

This is a very important room to have. When we have cases of highly infectious diseases, like parvo. We need to be able to keep them away from others until they are well again. Everything we would need to treat your very sick fur baby is all in this room! We want to ensure that everyone, rather its animal or human, is in a healthy safe environment.

- Radiology -

Here at Eastside we are proud to offer the latest technology to our clients. Having access to digital radiographs is a great tool in diagnosing our patients in a very timely manner.

- Treatment Area -

The treatment area has two wet tables and everything we need to treat an animal for a basic ear cleaning to trauma. There is a separate Recovery Unit that is designed for our patients to have a soothing place to recover from surgery or a traumatic event. There is a canine recovery unit and feline. This way the cats can wake up in a soothing environment.

- Surgery Room -

We have a heated surgery table and digital monitors. We offer the utmost care for your animal and ensure their safety while under anesthesia. We constantly monitor our patients from the time they check-in until they go home to insure all of their medical needs are met.

- Dental Machine -

Our dental machine is very similar to what your dentist uses. It gives us the best tools to get your companions mouth feeling better! Since our furry friends aren't able to clean their teeth daily and sometimes we find it hard to brush their teeth on a regular basis, they may need a dental. Dentals not only help with bad breath, but they also improve the overall health of your animal!

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